Emotions don't lie.
If you are asking customers what they feel, you are not getting the full truth.

No labs. No cameras. No wires. No downloads.

Sentient Prime® embeds scientifically valid implicit experiments within your market research survey to reveal the subconscious associations which influence behavior. Design, build and test an implicit study to include in any market research application for free!

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Meet the future of market research.

Sentient Prime measures the impact of a momentary exposure of a stimulus – called a prime - on a participant’s ability to perform a cognitive sorting task relating to any discrete attribute or emotion. The prime induces an automatic, irrepressible retrieval of associated attitudes and perceptions which directly affects the cognitive processing ability of a subsequent attribute or emotion.

Measuring impact on cognition.

Sentient Prime records the response latency, accuracy, and intensity of a response and compares multiple primed evaluations to unprimed ones to quantify the amount of dissonance or fluency between each prime and association tested.

Analyzing implicit results with ease.

Each prime and association pairing is given a 0-200 index score which reflects the strength of the neural network connection between these two concepts. As scores go above 100, they reflect stronger associations with the concepts positioned at the bottom of the screen. As scores go below 100, they reflect stronger associations with the contrasting concepts positioned at the top of the screen.  A score of 100 represents a neutral association.

Learn How Prime Captures Emotion

Match the right implicit test to your research.

With just a few clicks you can create a scientifically valid implicit module by using one or more of these powerful design templates depending on your research objective.

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Accelerate your business with better insight.

Built on more than a decade of applied scientific research and development, our leading-edge technology empowers researchers to understand the consumer subconscious with greater insight than has ever been possible.  Our database of over 200 million implicit measurements provides unrivaled normative data to further evaluate your implicit experiment's results.

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Implicit Study Pricing

  • Study Price: $1,500 per

    A Sentient Prime® Study requires the purchase of completes. Completes are used within a study when launched. Any remaining completes can be used for any purchased study within your account. The sample or panel is not included in price. Completes are not transferable to other accounts.

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